Tile & Grout Cleaning

Have your tiled floors seen better days?

If the answer is yes then we can provide you with a professional Tile & Grout cleaning service. With the right maintenance tiled floors can last a lifetime. We can deep clean and seal your Tile & Grout which will make it much easier for you to keep it clean.

Tile & grout cleaning specialists

We use a 7 step  process to ensure that your tiles are cleaned to the highest standard possible.

  1. Inspection of the floor to determine any problem areas and to identify the right cleaning solution to apply.
  2. Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floor.
  3. Application of pre-spray to the entire surface.
  4. The pre-spray is then thoroughly worked into the floor using a professional rotary machine and the grout lines are scrubbed with a grout brush. 
  5. The tiles are then rinsed to remove the soiling using a professional extraction machine.
  6. Professional drying equipment is then placed to fully dry out the floor.
  7. Application of grout sealant to help keep the grout from absorbing any spills and help to keep the floor cleaner for longer.
All of our cleaning services are fully insured and guaranteed.


Very dirty tiles and grout before cleaningThe same tiles after cleaning, now spotless and pristine.
Image of floor tiles before and after professional cleaning

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